Dying on Your Layovers?: 5 Easy Ways to Kill Time at an Airport

1. Binge Watch That Show You’ve Been Considering

If your airport has WiFi (god help you if it doesn’t) and you have a Netflix subscription (god help you if you don’t) one of the best things you can do to kill time during a layover is binge watch that show you’ve been thinking of picking up.

You know, that one all of your friends told you was good but you never got around to watching partially out of forgetfulness and partially out of defiance?

A long layover should give you more than enough time to smash a few episodes.

2. Drink

This suggestion may not be for everyone but for those of you that love a good beer, glass of wine or cocktail, airport layovers can be a great excuse to throw a few back.

We love going to airport sports bars, nursing a beer and using our order as an excuse to loiter in front of a television set for 4+ hours.

Whenever you think your waitress is going to kick you out, you just order another round.

3. Window Shop

Rich people love shopping to kill time at airports.

If you’re rich, awesome! Shop away.

If you’re not rich, also awesome! Window shop!

Caution: Checking out all of the cool perfumes, advancements in neck pillows, and magazines airports have on tap may lead to the occasional impulse buy. If you’re wary of your ability to browse without buying, try giving your credit card to a travel companion for safe keeping.

4. Make Money

If humans weren’t such good procrastinators, we’d love airport layovers because they’d give us ample time to work and make money! The thing is though that feeling obligated to work sucks…

Still, we’re obliged to tell you that if you have 5 hours at an airport, you’re better off using them to be productive than to kill time.

If productivity is as dirty a word to you as it is to us, you could play casino slots from your mobile device and pretend to make money… That’s almost a good use of time, right?

5. Set Goals for Your Future

We love killing time by coming up with goals on how we could better use our time in the future… If that sounds like an oxymoron it’s probably because it might be.

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